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Mar 12, 2019

Ayurveda says that each dosha requires a slightly different diet. This is where Ayurvedic eating really becomes customized and acts in a way as preventative medicine. If we are eating the right foods for our unique bodies, our minds will thrive, our bodies will function well, and our immunity will be strong!

Vatas are very light and airy. They will need foods that are grounding, stabilizing and warm. Since vatas don't have a lot of structure, their food needs to have more structure or they will get weak and their tissues will break down. They need to eat what I call "building" foods.

Pittas are slightly oily, hot and sharp. They will also need foods that are cooling, fresh, and mild. They will also need grounding foods but for a different reason — pittas will burn through food quickly, so if it's not substantial enough, they will be hungry (and cranky!) often. Pittas have medium structure and also need "building" foods so their naturally strong digestive fire stays strong, without burning up the tissues.

Kaphas are already quite built! They need light, warm, spicy foods to ignite some heat! Kaphas don't need grounding or overly "building" foods because they have that naturally. Too much of those types of foods and kaphas will feel heavy and tend toward weight gain and sluggishness.

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