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Dec 16, 2020

In this Ayurveda podcast, let's work on your mindset. No matter the external factors in life (cause things will happen! Always!), your super power will be found when you know exactly what brings you back to a balanced and happy mind.

Nov 17, 2020

There’s VALUE in using your time wisely because you only get so many hours in the day. There’s also VALUE in consciously creating space and using it well. In this Ayurveda podcast episode we talk about how to intentionally create space to allow flow, creativity and productivity.

Oct 14, 2020

In this Ayurveda podcast episode, we are talking about how to stop distracting yourself and start doing what matters. Your mindset and focus are the key! I'll give you four steps to bring focus to the things that are most important for YOU.

Aug 26, 2020

Struggling to adapt? Emotions getting the best of you? In this Ayurveda podcast episode, I teach you how to let those tough emotions roll off and a technique you can use each day to adapt, solve problems, and move forward with optimism.

Jun 9, 2020

The 3rd Part in the Pitta Series is all about Pitta Spirit. Learn the things that make Pittas spirit SOAR and the things that may dampen their spirit.