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Feb 8, 2019

Ayurveda literally translates to the "knowledge of or science of life." It's goal is to teach diet & lifestyle practices that prevent disease so we can live a long and healthy life — according to who we are as an individual.

Ayurveda is a WHOLE medical system, including mind, body and spirit, seeing us as complete individuals. 

Most of our health concerns and be cured and prevented with diet and lifestyle alone and this is where Ayurveda truly excels in today's world!!

With a little Ayurvedic knowledge of who we truly are + best daily practices, we have full empowerment to live a long and healthy life.

In this episode you'll be introduced to: 
• the mind, body, spirit approach
• our important relationship to nature
• why one size does not fit all
• the main rule that both balances and imbalances us
• why what you digest is more important than what you eat

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